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Dylan Williams and Charlie Best

The original Bad Boys...


Starting out as an Apprentice Electrician at the ripe old age of 16, Charlie tied this in with losing his virginity... to craft beer. Since then, his interest in brewing has only intensified, fuelling his passion for the craft. When the pandemic led to his furlough, he deftly transitioned his technical skills to the world of brewing, earning the admiration of his peers. With ample free time on his hands (and a few cans of beer for inspiration), he serendipitously found the perfect moment to pursue his dream of co-creating Bad Boy Brewing Co. - blending his newfound abilities and passion into a business.


​With a strong background in commercial sport and entertainment, Dylan has represented top-tier brands like Ferrari F1 Team and Chelsea F.C. in forging strategic partnerships. However, in September 2020, he found himself unexpectedly presented with an abundance of free time after receiving his P45 (cheers!). Having previously toyed with the idea of collaborating with Charlie to create and sell beer, he recognised that this was THE perfect chance to take the leap... sober, of course.

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